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The Mission Action Youth Organisation (MAYO), is an organisation within Mazenod that is run by students, with the goal of encouraging greater commitment to Jesus Christ in the school. MAYO strengthens the individual faith lives of its students. This year, a lot of work has been but into a number of different programs and activities run around the school. MAYO has solidified and improved its leadership structure and website. A large amount of work has been done on the MAYO statutes and Open Catechesis website.

Every year MAYO has run retreats and this year has been no different with two powerful retreat events run. The first one was run as a conclusion to the Alpha Program. Alpha is a wonderful presentation of core messages of Christianity. Every Thursday lunchtime many students benefited from the video presentations, small group discussions, while enjoying Timtams and donuts. The Alpha retreat was called risen, as it was around the time of Easter. The second retreat was the Magnificat Retreat, which focussed on Mary and her importance in coming to know God and growing in holiness. Both of these retreats were prepared during a team project day (called a Sprint since we advance our projects quickly) day before. Other projects were also developed during the Sprint day. After each retreat was a service morning where we had an opportunity to serve the community through the Monash Gardens aged care home.

A number of different programs and activities from previous years have been continued or improved on this year. The Alpha group continued into term two, based on the videos from Fr Mike Schmitz, a well-known Catholic speaker on Youtube. A program called discipleship has also been run during lunchtimes on Monday, in which a handful of students gather and discuss how their faith lives are going and how they can become stronger witnesses in their faith. A year seven and eight Bible Study has started up in the third term led by year 10 students. Although recently began, these Bible studies promise to yield some good discussion and a greater appreciation for scripture.

I would like to thank Mr Zaar, the rest of the executive team, and all who assisted in running all these events over the course of the year and have been praying for MAYO. It has been a privilege to work among people with a zeal for evangelisation and love of God.

God Bless

MAYO President 2018

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