This site is supported by MAYO (Mission Action Youth Organisation) group at Mazenod College, Victoria. It provides the opportunity for young Catholics to live out their faith together. Young Catholics are invited to join the site and get involved in the various projects. MAYO also provides the opportunity for other groups to use the site and so to work together to "leave nothing undared for the Kingdom of God" (St. Eugene). Part of this site is for the various MAYO core groups. Local youth groups around Mazenod are listed to encourage students to participate in their own youth parish youth groups. The projects are for anyone to join and get invovled in or even start new appropriate projects. The help section below is fairly comprehensive and should be able to answer most questions you have. This site is still developing so if you think it could be better than get invovled and help us improve it!

What is MAYO?

MAYO (Mission Action Youth Organisation) is an Oblate initiative at Mazenod College Mulgrave. It has evolved out of students who were involved in a year 9 Extension RE program. It seeks to primarily allow students to come to life-long personal relationship with Christ within the Oblate Charism, be formed through catechesis, apostolate, friendship and prayer to discern their personal vocation in life and then live it out, whatever it may be.

MAYO is named after Rev. Prof. Juan Antonio Perez Mayo OMI who died a martyr in Spain in 1932. He was a professor at 26, and was martyred at 29 years old. His process for sainthood is current. MAYO is also an acronym for Mission Action Youth Organization. This is a similar title to the Mission Action Day run at Mazenod College each year to raise funds for the missions. MAYO also seeks to take its inspiration from the youth organization begun by St. Eugene himself, the Sodality of Christian Youth. MAYO seeks to fulfil St. Eugene's wish of forming saints, ie, "make them human, make them Christian, make them saints". It is hoped that through the program students will become the future leaders within the Church to serve Christ as He calls them. It is a place for that call to be heard and responded to, and thus to "leave nothing undared for the kingdom of God."

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Updated date: October 23, 2018 - 4:49am

The Mission Action Youth Organisation (MAYO), is an organisation within Mazenod that is run by students, with the goal of encouraging greater commitment to Jesus Christ in the school. MAYO strengthens the individual faith lives of its students. This year, a lot of work has been but into a number of different programs and activities run around the school. MAYO has solidified and improved its leadership structure and website. A large amount of work has been done on the MAYO statutes and Open Catechesis website.

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Mazenodian Report 2017

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A great one day retreat with a half day service the next day. Focused on Mary this is a wonderful opportunity to experience God's love with Mary. Please download the retreat flyer for all the details.

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This is so others can join in the discussions. The Magnificat retreat is going to be on July 3rd-4th 2018.

Updated date: March 22, 2018 - 9:53am

Find out more here or download the flyer.

Sprints are where people can come together to help work on projects.
Whether you are religious or not, you can come to sing, dance, code, paint,
write or even crunch numbers. Everyone is welcome to come and have fun!
You don’t have to be an expert, there is plenty of help along the way.